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Tuan Anh received her training from Healing Touch and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She was born with the gifts of a healer: exquisite sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to act as a powerful channel. She uses her gifts, along with time-tested techniques, in a heart-centered and intentional way to affect positive change in the human energy field. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in the Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) from Williams College, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University. She is also a trained Hatha yoga teacher.


Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic therapy in which a practitioner consciously uses her hands to clear, balance, and charge the human energy field. The human energy field includes the aura and the body’s major energy centers, the chakras. Illness is caused by imbalance, which shows up in the field. The healer works directly with the aura and chakras to remove disruptions in the field, thereby promoting energetic flow. This energetic flow is the basis of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Energy healing can not only resolve physical illness, but it also touches a person on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Many people feel supported and nurtured by a healing. They often develop insight into specific areas of their lives, or have what they consider a spiritual experience. Because everything is made of energy, and the healer works directly with this energetic level of life, profound changes can occur. Energy healing accelerates the healing process of many illnesses. It is good preventive medicine because illness shows up first in the field before it travels to the body. Energy healing is particularly helpful for the following:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Before and after surgery

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Back and neck problems

  • Wounds and fractures

  • Arthritis

  • Grief

  • Spiritual attunement

  • Cancer

What happens during a healing?

Recipients lie fully dressed on a massage table. Through the laying-on-of-hands and techniques on the subtle fields around the body, the healer clears blockages and fine-tunes the aura. A person leaves usually feeling deeply relaxed and energized. Treatments are gentle, non-invasive, and last about 90 minutes.

What is an aura?

The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. If you could see the aura, it would look like a luminous and colorful emanation of light encasing your body like an eggshell. It can extend from a few inches to several feet away from your body. Illness appears in the aura as disruption. These disruptions come in different forms: dense blocks, spikes, heat or cold, leaks, ridges, frayed lines, etc. Disruption in the aura can be related to current illness, trauma, or emotional/mental/spiritual experiences that remain unprocessed. Often, drugs such as chemotherapy remain in the field for a long time. Energy healing clears out these residual drugs (which often have auric weight and a smell) and allows the body to flow more easily towards health. Surgery, in particular, cuts and damages certain layers of the field and the energetic “templates” of the organs. Repairing this energetic damage speeds a person’s recovery significantly.

What is a chakra?

“Chakra” means wheel in Sanskrit. It is a spinning vortex of energy that nourishes your body. There are seven major chakras, each with its own psychological function and color. When a chakra is closed or damaged, we do not receive the energy needed for the physical part of the body it affects, and its psychological function is compromised. For example, the second chakra is associated with emotions and sexuality. A closed second chakra could result in difficulties conceiving a child or expressing one’s sexuality. Listed below are the psychological functions and colors of the seven major chakras:

  • Root (red) – survival, will to live

  • Sacral (orange) – emotions, sexuality

  • Solar Plexus (yellow) – personal power

  • Heart (green) – love, compassion

  • Throat (sky blue) – communication, creativity

  • Third Eye (violet) – intuition, imagination

  • Crown (white) – knowledge, spirituality

When all of our chakras are open, we feel vibrant and alive. The energy flow throughout the body is palpable. When a chakra is closed or leaking energy, the part of the body that it nourishes eventually becomes ill, and we do not develop the potential of its psychological function. Chakra problems can include tearing, little to no spin, leaks, and vortices separated from the chakra’s root. Repairing a chakrais like repairing the engine of a car: the healthy chakra churns the power for your energetic system.

How does energy healing fit with other modalities?

Energy healing is a modality that complements traditional allopathic care. It can be extremely supportive during treatment by medical doctors, mental health therapists, chiropractors, and other health professionals.


Regular Session (90 minutes): $100

Headache Clearing / Mental Refresher (30 minutes): $30

Saturdays at Yoga Pearl

Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. Payment is due at time of visit.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out new patient forms.

Available at Yoga Pearl, or contact Tuan Anh directly to purchase: (503) 381-1515

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice or missed appointments are subject to charge at full price.

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