Jeevani Lucy Eigen - Ayurveda M.A., CST, AHP


Jeevani Eigen, MA, CST, AHP is an advanced CranioSacral & SomatoEmotional Release Therapist, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and intuitive transformational coach. She has been involved in the healing arts as a teacher and practitioner for 25 years. Jeevani’s love of learning and healthy transformation fuel her ongoing study of alternative methodologies for healing the body-mind-spirit complex. She believes that only through empowerment of the client can this healing and integration occur and result in restored health, vitality and peace. Jeevani has studied with Masters in her areas of expertise in the U.S., Europe and India. In addition to her Yoga, Ayurveda, CranioSacral and massage credentials (OR License #11330), Jeevani holds a Masters in Transpersonal Studies that informs her work.

CranioSacral Therapist

All sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted: $95
Initial Ayurvedic consultation: $225 (90 minutes)
Ayurvedic follow-up sessions: $50 (40 minutes)

All major credit cards, cash, & checks accepted. Payment is due at time of visit.

Cancellation charge may apply if notice is less than 24 hours.

Call YogaPearl at 503-525-9642
or email Jeevani.

Jeevani Lucy is certified by the Upledger Institute. Her work is a blend of CranioSacral therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and intuitive guidance. CranioSacral therapy is a powerful yet gentle healing modality that works with the central nervous system and connective tissue that covers the muscles and organs of the body. Using a light touch – generally no more than the weight of a nickel – Jeevani monitors the rhythm of the cranialsacral system to detect restrictions and imbalances. Manual techniques are used to release problem areas and relieve stress on the central nervous system. The body’s immune system is strengthened and a treatment in general is deeply relaxing and restorative. It alleviates a range of illness, pain and dysfunction:

*migraines, headaches *TMJD, chronic neck and back pain, *chronic fatigue *learning disabilities, *traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries *PTSD *Orthopedic and motor-coordination impairments.

A treatment session is performed with a person fully clothed and resting on a massage table. The results of a session are a body and mind that are able to return to a greater level of function with ease and fluidity. CranioSacral therapy works beautifully in conjunction with other healing modalities.

SomatoEmotional Release Therapist

We have all experienced some level of emotions held in the body: butterflies in the stomach, heartache, or anger that burns in the throat. A deeper level of this experience can be felt sometimes after a physical condition has been remedied by a healing modality; a person continues to be disturbed by the injury. Even though physical tissue is healing or has healed, an emotional component may still be held within the body at the site of original injury or pain. This phenomena can be experienced after other types of trauma as well: mental, emotional and spiritual. In SomatoEmotional Release, Jeevani guides a person through what is often a challenging acknowledgement of long pent-up emotions or memories. Interestingly the physical body exhibits cues that indicate progress in release of such tension. The problem does not have to be analyzed for release to occur. Relief is akin to a burden being lifted, re-igniting the ability to enjoy life and manifest meaningful intentions/goals. Jeevani often performs SomatoEmotional Release in conjunction with CranioSacral therapy and transformational coaching sessions. The client remains fully clothed and resting on a massage table. Care is taken to create a safe, confidential and supportive environment for each session.

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

Ayurveda, an ancient East Indian system of natural healing, reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. How we digest, absorb and assimilate what we take in on all of these levels affects our health. Ayurveda describes three fundamental energies that govern our being: movement, transformation, and structure. These energies are expressed individually through three body types (doshas): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of us have a unique proportion of these forces within us which shapes our constitutions and our predispositions for dis-ease. Important goals of Ayurveda are to identify a person’s ideal state of balance, determine the cause of any imbalance, and offer interventions using diet, herbs, body treatments, exercise, and yoga to reestablish balance. Yoga is a sister science to Ayurveda, and consequently Jeevani often includes yogic breathing, meditation and asana in her recommendations. All treatments are customized for each individual and refined as health improves. Jeevani received her training at the highly regarded school of Dr. Vasant Lad, The Ayurvedic Institute, in Albuquerque, NM.

What can I expect during an initial Ayurvedic consultation with Jeevani?

The consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes and involves Jeevani giving you her complete attention while you answer a series of detailed questions. Since Ayurveda is a wholistic science, the details discussed are key to discerning your current state of health (vikruti) and how it differs from your optimal state of health (prakriti). Through this process, along with taking pulse, examining your eyes, face, and tongue, Jeevani determines influences in your diet and lifestyle that might be contributing to imbalances and symptoms. She will take time to answer any questions you may have and explain how her Ayurvedic recommendations can benefit you. A 30-minute follow-up session is included in the initial consultation fee so that adjustments can be made as your body responds to the changes in diet and lifestyle that you implement.

Yoga Teacher

Jeevani received her 500-hour teacher training certification in traditional eight-limbed yoga at Mount Madonna Center in 2006 under the guidance of Master Yogi Baba Hari Dass. Daily practice of meditation and pranayama combined with asana contribute to a solid foundation for her service to others. She has taught many workshops in subtle body theory, meditation, yogic breathing and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras during the last decade. Currently she writes a weekly blog about the Yoga Sutras at She is available for private instruction by appointment only.