Chris Calarco

Chris is certified through both Yogaworks and Anusara Yoga and loves to teach both alignment and flow. His classes are passionate, challenging, and thoughtful. He has studied over a thousand hours with teachers in many lineages including Anusara, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and beyond. He honors main teachers Christina Sell, Sianna Sherman, and Annie Adamson for their wisdom, guidance and confidence in him. Chris completed a year-long apprenticeship with Sianna in 2012, traveling with her around the globe. He hopes to inspire students to use all the practices of yoga to intimately know their inner resistance to self-growth in the service of sharing their gifts with the world.

Chris is the owner of The Breathe Building, a sustainably constructed wellness center that opened in August 2015 and houses his “home” studio Yoga Union. He has an MA in Counseling Psychology.  Chris often teaches live music/yoga fusion classes where he combines iconic artists like Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Phish with yoga philosophy. He started Surrender to the Flow: Phish Yoga in 2011 and it has since spread across the country raising money for Living Yoga and The Mockingbird Foundation. He hopes to inspire students to use the practice to know themselves with loving awareness and to share this with the world.