Pam Blair

Pam caught the “yogabug” in 1998 when she clamored into a crowded room at the Pittsburgh Public Library for her first Hatha yoga class. “None of us had mats. In true east-coast style, as soon as the doors opened we ran into the room to claim our spot. It was just short of pushing each other out of the way. The teacher was an amazing Jewish lady with a deep voice who oozed love. This was my introduction to asana.”

In 1999, Pam met her spiritual teacher and became a student of MasterPath. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank and has studied with many influential teachers throughout the country.

Pam’s teaching style embraces versatility; she regularly teaches a variety of styles of yoga. Approaching each class like a work of art, she incorporates creativity, challenge, inspiration, playfulness and structural integrity. “Versatility keeps me fresh and challenged. I encourage my students to explore their own universe through an attentive practice both on and off the mat. I view the opportunity to teach as a humble form of service.”

When not on the mat, Pam enjoys cooking, sculpting, road trips, the outdoors, and hanging out with her husband and dogs. Pam is also a licensed real estate agent at YogaBug Real Estate, and specializes in working with Portland’s yoga community.