Rapid Transformational Therapy


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™)

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) is a unique healing technique which embraces the beneficial aspects of traditional hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavior therapy. This powerful method has been developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has perfected this method over three decades.

RTT™ facilitates potent transformations because it enables the patient to guide their own mind to tell their body what to do. As a result, patients can more easily move away from dis-ease, fear, addictions, pain, and emotional distress, allowing them to more easefully experience increased vitality, wellness, and joy.

"The cure you have been looking for lies within your thoughts. The healer is you." ~ Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris

A treatment session is performed with a person fully clothed and resting comfortably on a massage table.

As the patient, you will work alongside your therapist to uncover the meaning and the interpretation of life events. Once the impact of previous traumas and the root of limiting belief patterns have been identified and understood at the subconscious level, the patient is empowered to remove limiting patterns and replace them with positive, health-affirming ones.

If you are in physical or emotional pain, you likely desire rapid results. RTT™ aims to deliver transformative change in 1 to 3 sessions. By using a technique called Role, Function, Purpose, it recognizes the significance clients subconsciously attach to their issues, symptoms, or problematic life patterns and offers a powerful emotional release process. RTT therapists worldwide have documented hundreds and hundreds of cases where patients become free from pain and debilitating symptoms by receiving this type of therapy.

"I have witnessed and personally experienced the profound, transformative results from the combination of RTT™, energy healing and practicing specific meditation techniques. It is an honor and joy to offer these empowering modalities to my patients. It is my soul's work!"
~ Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris

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