Class Descriptions


We’ve created a class schedule and a teaching staff with the intention of meeting anyone wherever they are. We offer classes ranging from classical to contemporary approaches, beginning to advanced levels, and styles that are gentle and meditative to vigorous and athletic. If you need help finding the class that is right for you, don’t hesitate to call us! We love helping people find the perfect yoga class to meet their needs.

Gentle Yoga
A slow, meditative style of practice, Gentle Hatha includes time on the floor and may use a variety of props. A fantastic choice for beginners, for yogis with injuries, and for more advanced students who want to create space for restoration in body and mind. All Levels.

Gentle + Yin
Relax your body and unwind your mind in this restful, calming class that combines the slow movements of Gentle Yoga with the stillness and surrender of Yin Yoga. This nourishing class will utilize gentle shapes and a variety of props to help release tension within the body. All levels.

Taking classical yoga postures one at a time, Hatha classes focus on mindfulness and alignment as a means to build strength, balance and flexibility. In a Hatha class poses are often held for a longer period of time and attention is paid to detail and subtlety. Hatha is perfect for those who crave a strong yet slower practice. It is also a great fit for the beginner who wants to build confidence and solidify their self-awareness. All Levels.

Pilates was developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates. It is a safe and sensible form of exercise focusing on breath, alignment, core strength and stability. Other benefits include strengthening, flexibility, joint mobility and toning of the muscles. Athletic performance is improved through regular Pilates activity as well as increased balance, coordination and control. Pilates differs from yoga in that it challenges the core to a higher extent. This class is designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners. All levels.

Power Vinyasa 
Our Power Vinyasa teachers create physically challenging practices that endeavor to connect our community with their inner strength, passion, and the transformative power of breath. Classes are heated to 90-95 degrees and accompanied by music to encourage us all to go with the flow as we release toxins and quiet our minds. Level 2-3.

At this magnificent time of change, bring ease and relaxation to your mind, stretch and strengthen your body, while you learn sensation coping techniques, tools to accept change and self-care for pre- and post-natal life. Appropriate for all stages of complication-free pregnancy. All Levels.

Backbody Project
The Way we move: Sweat + jump + flow in this athletic, beat-driven, 60 minute full body workout that focuses on  posture, balance, booty strength and functional core work. Intense cardio bursts meet thoughtful strength training in a class designed to push your mental barriers to allow for a focus on the flow of being rather than thinking. As intense as you want it to be–modifications encouraged. Level 2-3.

Vinyasa classes incorporate a creative flowing sequence of poses. Some classes are heated to 80-85 and all are accompanied by music. Our vinyasa teachers richly infuse their classes with both challenges and recuperation, detailed alignment, meditation, and spiritual inspirations for us all to take off the mat. Level 2.

Through the practice of staying in each shape for 3-5 minutes, Yin Yoga not only stretches the muscles, but also the connective tissues. The practice often targets the hips, pelvis and lower spine in a simple practice, appropriate for all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility. This deep practice of stillness is a beautiful, if sometimes challenging, opportunity to connect with our mind and heart. All Levels.

Yoga Foundations
This class focuses on the basic yoga postures. Fundamental breathing techniques, postural alignment and yoga philosophy will also be introduced. We all begin at the beginning and sometimes it’s valuable to visit our roots well into our journey. Yoga Basics is always available to the returning students and teachers are always prepared to meet the levels in the room. All Levels.

Yoga & Pilates Progression
With a focus on deep breath and proper structural alignment, this class combines functional anatomy and mobility, Pilates mat exercises and Yoga postures for a complete movement and conditioning workout. You’ll learn to move from your core with more grace, strength and balance. Modifications and variations are offered to make this class accessible for all levels. All Levels.

Vinyasa and Meditation 
This class combines a 60 minute Vinyasa practice with 15 minutes of meditation. Vinyasa classes incorporate a creative flowing sequence of poses. Our vinyasa teachers richly infuse their classes with both challenges and recuperation, detailed alignment, meditation, and spiritual inspirations for us all to take off the mat. And, their personal meditation practices have given them great skills for helping you begin or continue your own meditation journey.  Level 2.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
Would you like to experience more comfort and ease in your posture and movement? With The Feldenkrais Method® we explore basic movement to discover neuromuscular patterns and expand our options for new, more efficient ways of moving, thinking and feeling. Whether you are active or sedentary, recovering from an injury, or experiencing everyday aches and pains, this class will enhance your self-awareness, sensitivity and ability to move with more comfort, ease and efficiency. All Levels. Click here to receive weekly emails announcing lesson themes and other Feldenkrais event news.