Margot Kellison Lightburn

Margo began teaching yoga in 2002 while living in Portland Oregon and over the past decade has owned her own studio, traveled and taught both locally and internationally for Nike, Smartwater & Lululemon. She has been honored to be on the OWN network on “Super Soul Sunday”, and on Oprah’s Sirius radio station and toured with Oprah’s Life Class Tour 2014.  Margo is a Power Vinyasa yoga teacher and loves to turn a room upside down on their hands, but prides herself on teaching a safe yet strong class to any room and to any level of student. She is certified in Prenatal, has led her own 200 hour teacher training since 2011 and loves to teach to anyone with a sense of humor and a passion to learn. You will always find an inspiring combination of music & readings with a light hearted delivery for a well rounded and complete practice inside and out. Margo hopes her class will always leave you with an “ah- ha” moment, be it something new in your body in asana or a new sense of understanding about where you are in life, feeling a connection to your practice, to yourself and leave you wanting to discover more.