Kimberly Denison

Imagine your mind and your body working together in perfect harmony. For most people this rarely happens. I first experienced this harmony through Pilates training.
Pilates as been my passion since 2001, when upon a doctors referral I experienced the restorative power of mat Pilates. My committed practice resulted in stronger muscles, increased flexibility, and the discovery of my body’s full range of movement.”
Kimberley has taught Pilates since 2002 after studying under John Garey Pilates in Long Beach, CA and Cathy Teague Classical Pilates in Agoura Hills, CA. In 2004, Kimberley opened Pilates Evolution in Bakersfield Ca. After finding the love of her life she moved north in 2012 settling in Portland making this her home.
Once in Portland, Kimberley had the opportunity to deepen her yoga practice. Her yoga practice has continued to cultivate and deepen her experience of the mind, body, spirit unification that Joseph Pilates speaks of in his writing. Her teaching aspires to support this experience of mind, body, spirit unification within the context of Pilates mat work. In her classes we take time to feel into our body and the emotions that lie there throughout class. The presence of being asks us to accept where we are on this day, so we can move forward from that place of honesty.