Emily Robinson

From the moment I first stepped onto a yoga mat I knew that it would not only become a lifelong companion in my own journey of self-care, but also in my life’s journey to help others heal. As a dancer at an early age, when I found Yoga in 1999 it's physicality felt like a natural evolution in my relationship with movement. I began my yoga career teaching in the Chicago area in 2001 after my first teacher training with Ana Forrest. I evolved into a Vinyasa based teacher, taking my 2nd Teacher Training at Yogaview Chicago in 2007. While I have taught many styles of yoga over the years, today I am particularly drawn to slower forms of yoga such as Yin, Restorative and Hatha, and incorporating those modalities into my healing practices.

In 2007, I was introduced to working with energy and my psychic abilities. The uniting of these profound new tools with the body of knowledge I had gained from teaching yoga has shaped the work I offer today: helping you navigate the energy of your spirit more deeply into your body, to heal yourself, your life, and have the experiences you desire.

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