Amaryliz Fernandez

I am a yogini and a mother.

Before, I was totally frazzled, overwhelmed, and desperate for change.
I finally realized things wouldn’t change until I did. 
So… I did.

Wonder if it’ll ever be possible to make it through the day without a ton of coffee? Not sleeping well even if the kids are? Feel like you’re doing everything healthy and “right”, but still have low energy? That was totally me, too. All of this slowly changed and did get better once I learned ways to shift myself back into natural rhythms. EVERYTHING got better! So much so that it’s now what I passionately share with other women.

I am obsessed with the power of daily habits and Ayurvedic living to help mothers live with more energy, deeper sleep, healthier eating, and greater ease. It’s ancient wisdom for modern moms.

I’m on a mission to guide women from fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood into vibrant living amidst the beautiful chaos children can bring.

The transition into sacred motherhood is a wild and wondrous ride, full of change (both challenging and cherished), for ALL women. You’re not alone.

Learn more about my offerings at and follow along on Instagram @amarylis_fernandez

I’m excited to work with you and share this journey!

~ Mamaste!