Vera Colomba

imageVera found yoga while studying comparative literature and linguistics at Reed College. Her lifelong  for language and expression unfolded when she met her beloved teacher Annie Adamson; Vera was magnetized by Annie’s ability to skillfully use language to speak to the individual human experience within the group class setting, and instantly connected to her holistic and heart-centered teaching.

Vera believes yoga speaks to the vastness of human experience; that we are made of feelings as much as we are bone, blood, tissue, skin. The body is a book of infinitely complex language and communication; yoga affords us the opportunity to journey into our own layers of story and emotion, and ultimately, into a more intimate, integrated relationship with self.

Vera’s intention is to teach from her own experience of healing and transformation and to hold supportive space to empower her students to participate in their own unique processes. Her teaching is inspired by yoga as a practice of self-discovery; through the intelligent yet playful study of our movement vocabulary, we cultivate an intuitive listening and deeper trust within. 

For the last several years, Vera has immersed herself in the practice and study of yoga. She is forever a dedicated student guided by her love of learning, and believes there is always more to uncover, another layer to see. She continues to return to the practice for the ever-expanding connection, strength, and joy it recalls; she hopes to inspire her students to use the practice to know themselves more deeply and to share this understanding with the world. 

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