Vedic Astrology: Decoding Your Life Map

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Imagine you’re on a quest to discover a sacred treasure…the map of your life. You find it, only to learn it’s in a script you can’t understand. This is the horoscope, and it’s written in enigmatic symbols up to now accessible only to trained astrologers. Now, with Decoding Your Life Map, you can discover the mysteries of Your Vedic Horoscope. In this class you will learn how to read Your Soul Purpose, your special talents, your blind spots and obsessions (and their antidotes!), how to channel your energy and your Sacred Sound. Each student will leave with a free copy of their horoscope and class materials.

Simon Chokoisky is a pioneer using Vedic astrology and Dharma Typing to help clients discover their dharma, Simon has a gift for making complex concepts easy to digest, and simple truths profound. Simon is the author of the popular books The 5 Dharma Types and Sex, Love, & Dharma, as well as the forthcoming Secrets of the Sacred and Winning With Jyotisha, both due in 2017.




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