Sue Harrison, Reflexologist

I came to physical therapies through massage in the UK, where I was constantly surprised by how much you could achieve simply working with someone’s feet!   The level of relaxation was just different.  Far deeper and easier to achieve.  Sensitive areas were clearly telling me something, but I didn’t know what!  All I knew was working gently they disappeared.  My curiosity is now satisfied after training and practicing reflexology here in Oregon.  It’s a popular therapy in Europe, but less so in the US.  I hope that as the number of reflexologists grows, more people will be able to enjoy and benefit from its healing powers.

I trained as a reflexologist with the American Academy of Reflexology under the truly inspirational Bill Flocco, the pioneer of Integrated Reflexology – extending the traditional approach of just working with the feet, to include hands and ears.  I am a member of the Oregon Reflexology Network.  My massage training and certification was through ITEC and MTI, with additional time spent in the classroom to focus on working with cancer patients.

Reflexology is one of the least invasive modalities.  While you relax under a warm blanket, I work with your feet, hands and/or ears.  Each session is about what you need and want, so working with just one area would be your decision.

Applying specific touch techniques on the feet, hands and ears, it is possible to create deep relaxation, helping our bodies take a break from the stress we create around them and allowing them to heal themselves.   With over 7,000 nerve endings in our feet alone, body maps link to every part of the body, meaning a session can be very targeted to solve a specific problem, or be simply dedicated to relaxation.  Common issues reflexology can support are PMS and hormonal imbalances, headaches and migraines, muscular skeletal aches and pains, digestive rumblings and sleep!  I am grateful to my reflexologist for hurrying along the birth of my first child – she got the day right and almost the time!

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