Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita

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In this 1 day seminar you will learn the history and tradition of the divine discourse called the “Bhagavad Gita” while also diving into its often hidden core meanings. Many books purport to translate the Gita, but few deliver the goods on how to apply its teachings to everyday life, partly because this is hidden within the text and the historical context of the work itself. In this seminar we will unfold the mysteries and essence of the Gita in a practical way that includes:

* Invoking the mantric value of the Gita with specific verses and chants

* Learning the secret of Dharma and how to apply it to our lives

* Decoding the meanings of the chapter titles and how to use those to accomplish our life goals

* Finding our Dharma Type to get the most out of the Gita

*Connections between the Gita and Yoga philosophy

Join us for this fun and informative workshop. No previous experience necessary, though it is recommended. To view Simon’s other work, visit

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