Sarasvati Hewitt



At the age of 19 I took my first yoga class and felt like I was coming home. I studied with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith in Seattle, Washington at the Hatha Yoga Center and at their school in Bali Indonesia. In 2003 I received my 200 Hr. training certification. I have been teaching yoga more than a decade now throughout Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. I have taught 4 year-olds through 94 year-olds. I used to co-own a busy yoga studio in Portland, Oregon but shifted my focus and intention recently to focus on how yoga and neuroscience go hand-in-hand. After watching Neuroendocrinologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s documentary on stress I was inspired to begin independently studying neuroscience. In June of 2014 I studied Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Modern Yoga for Transforming Trauma at Kripalu with Jim Hopper and Dana Moore. In the fall of 2014 I will be studying Neuroplasticity at Portland State University. I am currently an Ambassador for MANTRA Yoga and Health Magazine.

I think that my life experiences in parenting, storytelling, anatomy, depression, extreme illness in pregnancy, and injury have led me to this intersection of yoga and neuroscience. I believe these are the keys to health and joy! Yoga is the Science of Spiritual, Mental and Physical Self-Transformation. Now Modern Neuroscience shows the importance, reality and magnitude of this 5000 year old practice in the realms of dealing with Stress, Depression, PTSD, trauma, obesity, and so much more.

I believe yoga is for everyone and that your practice can be both individualized and therapeutic. Yoga is IN YOU ALWAYS waiting to be awakened. All you need is a path to healing yourself.


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