Ryan Mulnick, LMT

Ryan grew up in the mountains of Idaho as the son of two chiropractors and holistic health care advocates. From day one with his parents and through his study of Structural Integration bodywork, Visionary Craniosacral Work, massage, yoga, meditation, psychotherapies, plant medicine and nature, his understanding of wellness and healing is ever present and continues to grow.

Ryan graduated from The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in Kauai, HI where he studied the traditional 10 session series of Structural Integration (myofascial bodywork akin to Rolfing) with master teacher, bodyworker, and psychotherapist Lee Joseph. There he received an advanced certification in Awareness Oriented Structural Integration and was the personal therapist for his teacher, Lee. In Kauai, he also studied Connective Tissue Therapies (injury rehab), Neuro-Muscular Therapy (trigger point work), and Swedish Massage as well as various psychotherapies derived from Hakomi, Gestalt, NLP, and Hypnotherapy. After graduation, Ryan assisted teaching bodywork, massage, and meditation at the school.

More recently, his on-going study of healing and growth has taken him to Berkeley, CA for Visionary Craniosacral Work with world renowned teacher Hugh Milne. Craniosacral work can be offered in Cranial specific sessions and also deeply informs Ryan’s ability to listen to the subtle rhythms of the body and respond to what the body is needing, where there is imbalance, and how the body can most easily return to its natural rhythms.

Ryan’s work can be done on a session-to-session basis, while he also enjoys the depth and growth that multiple session series create – more lasting change in the direction of ease and greater function, both in body and in one’s being and lifestyle. He is passionate and dedicated to the release of his own limiting patterns, physically and otherwise, so that he may live a more free, full and vibrant life. Through his own experiences of healing and growth, Ryan is able to support others in experiencing this for themselves. “I see healing as a fascinating, life-long journey that more than “work,” is my life and love.”

In addition to practicing bodywork, he is a certified yoga instructor and can be found teaching weekly classes here at the Yoga Pearl. When not doing the “work”, he enjoys time with his family, daughter, climbing, being in nature, making music, and celebrating life in whatever way This Present Moment offers itself.

Ryan Mulnick LMT #18762

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a type of bodywork which aims to align the human body in gravity. Working with the fascia – the soft tissue that interconnects our entire body and helps dictate our structural postures and movement ability – we are able to free the body of limitations, enabling it to experience once again the healthy reflexive support that is our birthright.

Through this work, the body is able to regain a deep sense of balance with itself and in gravity, allowing for greater ease, more body awareness, higher level functioning, and potentially less pain.

In its creation, it was encouraged that this work be coupled with yoga asana practice to achieve the greatest change and growth through both. It is traditionally done over ten sessions and can also be modified to meet a clients needs.

Craniosacral Work

Craniosacral work is a gentle, noninvasive approach to support optimal health and function in one’s body and being via the nervous and craniosacral systems. Similar to the involuntary constant rhythm of the breath or blood pulse, the cranial rhythm moves cerebral spinal fluid through the nervous system where it bathes the brain and spinal cord. By maintaining health and balance in this rhythm, as well as in the subtle mobility of the cranial bones, this therapy enhances the body’s natural healing processes and can be effective in treating a wide range of conditions associated with pain, dysfunction and trauma. By listening to the current state of one’s craniosacral system, a therapist is able to support and gently guide one’s body and being out of a state of trauma and back to the balance and health that is our natural state.


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