Reema Datta

Reema recently moved to Portland with her partner and one year old girl.  She has been teaching yoga for over ten years.  Some of her most cherished memories are spending time with her Grandfather in India while he shared stories with her about the Gita, Vedas and life as a yogi.  She learned to cook Ayurvedic food by spending time in the kitchen with her Grandmother and Mother and was lucky to hear her Mother sing mantra since she can remember.  Reema’s passion for asana was sparked in college.  As she practiced with teachers like Dharma Mittra and Danny Paradise, her yoga mat became the place where she enjoyed connection with Spirit as well as creative and dynamic movement.  Reema is an avid practitioner of Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and Vedanta.   She passionately weaves powerful meditations rooted in Indian and Tibetan Yoga with dynamic vinyasa.  Featured in Yoga International as “The Yoga Ambassador,” Reema is founder of the Usha Yoga Foundation which brings yoga to marginalized communities.  She has released two mantra albums with Nutone Music & is co-author the book, Sacred Sanskrit Words for Yoga, Chant and Meditation.  Reema recently started a blog to share her experience of yoga and motherhood.

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