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Jason Stein forward bendIn a Mysore-style class, students learn and practice at their own pace poses from among the several Ashtanga Vinyasa series. The postures in the sequences flow together using a special breath-movement technique called vinyasa.

The instructor teaches each sequence, pose by pose, to each student. Students practice up to the posture that is appropriate for their experience and physical capacity. The subsequent postures and series are then given as strength, flexibility and stamina improve.

It is an utterly unique yoga class setting in that the room is silent but for the sound of the breath. Students follow their own inhale-exhale and thereby move at their own pace. They can remain in poses longer, or repeat them to address those “interesting” areas.

The instructor tailors unique alignment adjustments as well as physical assistance to each person. In this way, each student is met where they are at each moment.Jason Stein Mysore style yoga

Both experienced and beginning students practice together in the same space.

The Mysore style also helps each person nurture an independent and intimate personal yoga practice — ultimately, you flow to the rhythm of your very own breath and ability.

Mysore classes are available exclusively through Yoga Pearl. Visit instructor Jason Stein’s Portland Ashtanga Center site for community, blog, and other information.


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