Lauren Danner

Lauren was born creative and had two imaginary friends, Connie and Shawna, before the age of 5. Lauren had an amazing childhood, and when its magic  began to wear off in high school, Lauren found drama and began acting, singing, and dancing her way through her teen years. She attended her freshman year of college at Ole Miss, but feeling uninspired by the lifestyle of a small Mississippi town she transferred to College of Charleston where she attained her BA in Theatre. She stuck around in Charleston for a year after college, then packed a couple suitcases and her teeny cat and hopped on a plane to move to Portland, Oregon. Why? Simply because her intuition told her to. Since Lauren didn’t know anyone in Portland, she found a yoga studio near her apartment at which she practiced 2 or 3 times a day. Eventually, she realized it was her dharma (life’s purpose) to spill yoga on every person she meets, so she decided to become a yoga teacher. Lauren now teaches private yoga lessons (one-on-one and in a corporate setting) as well as in the studios of Yoga Pearl and Nike World Headquarters. Her classes are very down to earth and creative. They stress intuition and intention, and explore oppositions so that each yogi may experience humility and gratitude, and truly connect with their grace. You can expect to be challenged as you breathe, flow, and excavate your power.

Lauren has trained with Baron Baptiste and Rod Stryker. She has also participated in many workshops and intensives with other master teachers, gaining inspiration from Sean Corne, Ana Forrest, and Sianna Sherman.

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