Angelina Vasile

Angelina has been teaching healing movement as her full time profession since 2001. Her approach combines her love and study of: anatomy & alignment, the science of breath, psychology & neurobiology, trauma-informed yoga, nature, ceremony, truth-speaking, equity and service. Her pursuits have been inspired by her parents; her mother taught her to move, dance and be joyful and her father introduced her to radical thinking, spirituality and serving others. Angelina holds a BA in Dance and Performance Choreography, is a certified Pilates instructor (2001) and a certified Forrest Yoga teacher (2007). Since 2011, she also works as a teacher trainer for Living Yoga , a local non-profit organization that brings yoga to youth and adults in prisons, recovery centers, homeless shelters and more. She continues to volunteer teach in a juvenile detention facility as part of her karma yoga.

Experienced with a broad range of students, in classes and private one-on-one sessions, she specializes in working with injuries, athletes, pre/post-natal, emotional backlog, chronic pain and those struggling with body image related disorders. With an embodied and down-to-earth presence, Angelina is passionate about teaching you how to breathe and move consciously to connect with feeling your body and spirit. She encourages you to work honestly at your edges to safely confront struggle, pain and fear so that you might disarm the darkness and reveal your real strengths.

Her personal movement and meditation practice is the anchor of her self-care, the tonic for her innate angst, and her ongoing guide to recognize and embrace that she is both wild and holy. When not teaching, Angelina is usually found dancing, reading, swearing like a sailor, playing in the great outdoors, watching major league baseball, or baking. For more information visit

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