Angelina Vasile

Angelina has been teaching movement and healing arts since 2001. From a young age she was inspired to move, dance and be joyful by her mother. Her father inspired her empathic nature, introducing her to radical thinking, spirituality and living a life of compassion. Driven by these passions and her desire to connect fully with her own spirit, as well as that of others, she set out on her life’s path. Angelina holds a BA in Dance and Performance Choreography, is a certified Pilates instructor and a certified Forrest Yoga teacher. Her style incorporates her love for anatomy and alignment, athletics (particularly gymnastics and running), movement therapy, Chinese medicine, Vipassana meditation, Muy Thai kickboxing, Pilates, modern dance, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Forrest Yoga. Her mentors, Pilates guru, Tom McCook of Center of Balance in Mountain View, CA, therapist, Julia Landis in San Francisco, CA and Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest Yoga, have been her continuing inspiration to evolve, understand the one-ness of it all, and to give back by empowering others.

Angelina loves doing what she does and is skilled at working with a broad range of clients. She especially enjoys working with injuries, athletes, pre and post-natal clients, the elderly and those struggling with body image related disorders. With a down-to-earth approach, she wants to share with you how to breathe deeply, move consciously and feel fully to connect with your spirit and truth. Staying devoted to her own movement and meditation practice allows her to be a more effective teacher; it’s also been the key to experiencing abundant presence and joy in her own life. As part of her Karma Yoga, Angelina volunteers with Living Yoga, teaching teens and adults in recovery. When not teaching, Angelina is usually found dancing, yoga-ing, reading, playing in the great outdoors, watching major league baseball, or baking. For more info visit

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