Lindsey Holy

Lindsey believes that yoga can make impactful changes in both body and mind. She have personally experienced more courage, clarity and stability in her own life since she started practicing yoga over eight years ago.

She have created a unique vinyasa style that draws on various techniques from Astanga and Power Yoga, while reflecting the core value of the Krishnamacharya lineage. You’ll find that her classes are creative, invigorating, smoothly sequenced and infused with practical yoga philosophy. She places much emphasis on exploring the pulse of the breath, its relationship to the body and the way that it can serve as a connection between ones inner awareness and one’s outer action.

Her goal as a teacher is to never teach the same class twice. Her passion for yoga creates classes with a perfect balance of poses for strength and flexibility. She also offers options for all levels and encourage students to stay focused on the breath to create calmness in the mind through challenging situations. It is her hope that the classes she leads leave you feeling realigned, powerful, and stress-free.

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