Laura Pagano

Life is a journey not a destination. I feel lucky to have been exposed to yoga relatively early in my journey. As an avid adventurer I have lived many places around the world and yoga has been a good friend through my travels for almost half of my life. A lifelong lover of learning, I have degrees in Education, Psychology, Cooking and Yoga. These days I continue feeding my curiosity through advanced yoga certification and mindfulness training, SUP training, art, dance and language classes, as well as trying to keep up with the teachings of my guru, my son! Yoga puts all the pieces together for me. It reminds me, inspires me, and connects me to the wild ride of being alive.

I often describe yoga as the art and science of relationship – beginning with ourselves and spiraling out touching the full spectrum of life experience. I have found the wisdom traditions of both yoga and Buddhism to be life enhancing and enlivening and it is with great joy and humbleness that I share what I have learned and live with others. I think the potential awakenings that these teachings map are exactly what the world needs to live in a sustainable and peaceful way. There are many paths and I honor diversity in all forms.

Yoga has come to touch all aspects of my life in the expected places: as a human, woman, mother, partner, global citizen; and in gardening, cooking, hiking, paddling, canoeing, surfing, etc. Now I delight in finding yoga in all the unexpected places! May all beings be radiantly alive!

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