Justine Monahan

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I was an active sportswoman and initially drawn to Yoga purely from a physical perspective. However, after 13 years of practice, teaching and training, 2 children and the business of life, things have changed.

Yoga has taught me to respond and adapt to my life as it unfolds with loving kindness, laughter and gratitude. Without a doubt, connection to and awareness of my breath has been my greatest insight thus far, and this underpins my teaching today. Breathing is quite simply as indispensable to us as the beating of our hearts. We do not need to think of taking a breath and never need to exert pressure to extend it.

When we practise yoga, we put controlled stress on ourselves so that we can learn how to react to stresses of life. The practices also teach us about accomplishing more by doing less, letting go, giving up what we don’t need, and surrendering to the life force that is bigger than ourselves. So the trick is: how to do less? How do we get out of the way of our own selves?

I have completed a multitude of yoga and meditation trainings, and cultivated my own wisdom through years of self study. My classes reflect this and are designed for students to take a break from their busy lives; to pause, breathe and connect knowing they are supported by me. I teach students to breathe, move mindfully and focus their attention on one thing. This is not easy, however, as with any practice, old habits begin to fade and healthier ones take over.

When I am not teaching yoga, I work as a Breath and Mindful movement Educator. The importance of respiratory reeducation is crucial to regaining natural coordination of breath, body, heart and mind. In fact, many physical problems, and emotional distress are the result of insufficient oxygen, caused by faulty respiratory patterns. The diaphragm is not just a pump that brings air in and out of the lungs; it is a great organ of expression. For more information on these practices, please email me at justinemonahan@mac.com.

With metta.

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