Jill Case

JillCaseMake your life yoga…and you will allow the practice to transform you and the lives of all those you meet.

I feel that this has become my mantra after 17 years of teaching. I entered yoga through its physical benefits and allure. And, through the years, I have stumbled upon all the other elements of yoga beyond the poses. It was not until I permitted my yoga to steep into every moment of my life that I realized its power to heal and transform me.

As a teacher I want to share with you the tools of yoga that will allow you to make your practice relevant, so that you start living your practice the other 23 hours you are off your mat. I want to inspire you to breathe, play, and observe yourself and your habits on the mat so that you can decide in each moment what resonates with you now. I will provide you with an environment to explore your own unique physical body so that you can experience the part of yourself  beyond your thoughts.  I love to play soulful, inspiring and energy filled music to let you find your own flow and allow your spirit to dance.  Above all else, I will create a warm, nurturing place that allows you to the freedom and joy of making the practice your own so that your yoga can feed you. May you find not only strength and flexibility on your mat but feel this as a weekday warrior in your daily life.

I could list my credentials but honestly most of what  gave the most value to my teachings was in life through my day-to-day experiences.  I give much gratitude to my yoga teachers along the path and my many teachers that have never stepped on a yoga mat but demonstrated the power and the true essence of yoga in their own lives.  Namaste and hope to meet you in class!


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