Janine Blanchard, LMT

For as long as she can remember, Janine has been interested in alternative methods for healing the body and maintaining optimal health. At age 16, knee pain sent Janine to her first appointment with an Osteopath. The profound benefits that went well beyond alleviating the physical pain, to releasing restrictions elsewhere in the system, set Janine firmly on her path. She committed herself to mastering the art of Osteopathy.

After a five year training at the “German College of Osteopathic Medicine”, Janine received her diploma in 2008, as well as the confidence and passion to share this important healing modality with those in pain or a state of restricted health. Her intensive training includes Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Musculoskeletal Therapy. In 2010 she received her LMT license in order to practice here in Oregon. Her passion for women’s health and pediatrics has shaped her post-graduate education and is a specialization she pursues with dedication and enthusiasm.

Osteopathy is a comprehensive treatment of the entire person; body, mind and energy system. As a healing modality, distinct from other types of body work, Janine’s approach is characterized by her knowledge of, as well as sensitivity to, the underlying cause of imbalance within the deep tissues of the body. Listening to the body through her hands, Janine “hears” where the body is carrying restriction that results in what many call “dis-ease.” She then uses her training to access the body’s natural balanced condition. Restriction is resolved through a cooperation between Janine and client as they work together using her specific skills which guide the client to let-go, relax, and remember health.

Osteopathy encompasses the following specific modalities:

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive inquiry into the function of a physiological body arrangement called the craniosacral system. This therapy enhances the body’s natural healing processes and can be effective in treating a wide range of conditions associated with pain, dysfunction and trauma. The therapist “listens” to the subtle expressions of the Craniosacral system. Rather than fixing something, the therapist uses her specific skills, to return the body out of trauma and into its natural state of vibrant health.

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle hands-on therapy that works with the body’s internal organs to locate and alleviate abnormal points of tension throughout the body. Organs can slightly shift out of their original position by tension or a protective compensation due to injury or trauma. The body, in this constricted condition, ceases to function properly creating chronic irritation and fixed abnormal points of tension. By freeing each organ and enhancing its normal mobility, the structure and function of the entire body can be improved.

Good qualities of tissues and their proper shape and form are present in the adaptive body to ensure proper function. An alteration in the alignment or motion of a body part will have effects on the surrounding tissues and how well they work. Using Musculoskeletal Techniques the therapist focuses on the structural aspects of the body with an emphasis on its innate healing mechanisms. While addressing the whole body, looking for an overall pattern of tension or restriction in movement, gentle yet highly effective techniques are used to find and treat the cause of the discomfort rather than treating only the symptoms. Therapists locate and address restrictions that are causing asymmetries, postural misalignment, abnormal tensions and pressures.

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