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Brynn Graham, MAcOM, LAc

Brynn received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in 2001, and is currently in pursuit of earning her Doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a state licensed acupuncturist and is nationally certified by the NCCAOM. In addition to her practice of Oriental medicine which utilizes acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, nutritional therapy, Asian bodywork, and other modalities, Brynn is trained in the use of MPS Therapy. Her specialities include: treating all kinds of pain including pelvic pain, post-operative pain, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal pain; women’s health concerns; chronic diseases; chronic headaches and migraines; and digestive disorders including IBS. Brynn utilizes her 30+ years of experience in both Western and Oriental medicine to bring a holistic approach to helping you with your health concerns.

MPS Therapy

MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) Therapy is a quick and effective treatment modality used for patients with any type of musculoskeletal pain including, but not limited to: plantar fasciitis, foot pain, TMJ or jaw pain, trigger finger, tennis elbow, any joint immobility/pain, pelvic/hip pain, neck or other spinerelated pain, post-operative pain, myofasical tightness, and many other painful conditions including scar tissue and adhesions.

MPS Therapy is done with the Dolphin Neurostim (dolphinmps.com), a handheld device powered by a 9-volt battery, which generates a microcurrent that deeply releases tightness in the soft tissues of the body and greatly enhances the effect of acupuncture and massage. Patients usually see immediate improvement in range of motion as well as a reduction in pain. It is a great alternative to acupuncture needles for sensitive or needle-phobic patients, as well as for children.

Brynn has received extensive training in the use of the Dolphin Neurostim, and has used it in hundreds of treatments over the past six years.


Herbs, the original form of medicine, are now being rediscovered for their invaluable benefits. The sophisticated science of Chinese Herbology has proven itself over thousands of years for a multitude of health conditions. Traditionally, Chinese Medicine has utilized acupuncture together with herbs to for a more complete system of medicine as these modalities are known to mutually benefit each other. The focus of herbs is to support the body’s self-healing ability. Herbs nourish us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. For your convenience, we have available many traditional Chinese herbal formulas as well as other herbal products in our herbal pharmacy. We carry products by Evergreen Herbs, Kan Herbals, Plum Flower brand, Pacific Biologic, Health Concerns, as well as products by other respected companies. All of our herbal formulas are patent formulas that come in tablets, capsules, teapills, or tincture form.

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