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Why handstands? The handstand brings to life many principles of Ashtanga Yoga. In one posture, we cultivate an easy concentration, and learn to appreciate the appropriate amount of effort and ease. Over time, the handstand helps develop an increasingly subtle and refined awareness. Oh, and let’s not forget they’re fun! What will we do? We’ll look at themes from the second book of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, and explore how we can embody those themes while practicing an asana sequence based around a handstand practice. You’ll deepen your understanding of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga — and maybe get better at handstands, too! Is this for me? This is not the place to do your first downward dog. Please be able to hold a handstand against the wall. This is a course of 4 classes. Each class will run 90 min.


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