Gebhard Ebert

IMG_2106Gebhard is an Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. He started practicing Ashtanga Yoga on a regular basis in February, 2002. Gebhard practiced Ashtanga Yoga with authorized teachers John Berlinsky and Leah Watkins in Mill Valley, California, including a Primary Series Seminar.

In April 2005 and 2006 he was fortunate to participate in Primary Series Led classes, taught by Sri K. Patthabi Jois, during Guruji’s visit to San Francisco. During his visit to Australia in 2008, Gebhard studied with Certified Teacher Eillen Hall, enhancing his physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga.

In 2008, Gebhard moved to Portland and practiced with Authorized Teacher Anne Finstad, and later practiced at Near East Yoga, as well as Portland Ashtanga Yoga. In 2009, Gebhard attended the Primary Series Seminar and a year late the Second Series Seminar with Tim Miller at the Ashtanga Yoga Center, Encinitas.

So far Gebhard has visited Mysore, India three times, to study under Sharat, the grandson of Pathabi Jois. He received the Level 2 Authorization from Sharat.

The main parts of Ashtanga Yoga are the breath (ujjai breathing), the gaze (drishti), and the movement. This is called the Tristana (three points of focus). Gebhard emphasizes this in his teaching style, especially the breath. “The breath carries you through the practice!” The Ashtanga Yoga Institute is the source of the traditional teachings of Astanga Yoga. Gebhard is practicing and teaching in accordance to the traditional teachings of Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

“Yoga is a one Package deal, physically, mentally, and spiritually!”

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