Devon Riley

Devon Riley“These days, my practice and teaching feel increasingly focused on conditions on the ground.  What is here?  In our bodies, seasons, communities; in our communications with ourselves and each other… What is available to us when we stay here?  Can we build into our practices safe, non-harming places to go when here is too much?  How might releasing into the embrace of gravity help us better relax into the full spectrum of life experiences, including death?

I am interested in therapeutics, balancing weight across joint spaces, and mindfulness as a tool for  deconstructing privledge and furthering social justice.  I am interested in parenting as a deep and relentless spiritual process.  I want to help people feel at home in their bodies and in the world.  

I think of the practice space – temporally and spatially – as a safe house.  A place to test theories, do research, be vulnerable, compare notes, and build habits that help us.“

At Yoga Pearl, Devon will be teaching prenatal yoga for the first time since the birth of her second child.  Being a mother is her strongest calling, and building community and confidence around the magical and mundane process of making and raising humans is a significant part of that work.

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