Looking for Trouble with Tias Little

The aim of a yoga practice is to reduce suffering. To do this we practice postures, recite incantations and study sutras. A yoga practice should necessarily involve working with pain. The asanas are good to reduce lower back pain, shoulder pain, sacroiliac pain and the like. At the same time, a well-rounded yoga practice should address what my Tibetan teacher Tsoknyi Rinpoche describes as “mind pain”. How do we attend to our mind pain? We must look into the troubles in our minds and in this … [Read more...]

12 on 12 = 75,000 Thank Yous

One of Yoga Pearl’s long time students, Janine Francolini, runs a nonprofit called Flawless Foundation which benefits children with mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges in the Portland metro area and country-wide. In the current generation of kids today, one in five will be diagnosed with autism or some other psychiatric disorder. Flawless Foundation provides holistic healing programs that allows children at risk to thrive and flourish—services that include, yoga, gardening and a … [Read more...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Not too long ago, a student asked me if there was a specific amount of time that one should stay in a pose in order to get the most out of it. Voicing a common concern many people have as they begin to explore or deepen their yoga practice, she wrote: "Is it better to do a pose a numerous times for greater benefit, and hold it for an extended period of time, or should I do a wide variety of different poses in any given practice session?" My answer was simple: "Yes. And yes! Both ways of … [Read more...]

Ayurveda How-To: Oil Pulling

Ayurveda for health utilizes many techniques and exercises as self care practice, one of which is known as "oil pulling". There are many benefits to oil pulling, the most definite being overall oral hygiene, as the bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugars do not like oils. Oil pulling gently coats the teeth with oil -- even between the teeth -- therefore hindering tooth decay (ask your dentist about the relationship between oils and tooth decay to get the full scoop). Another benefit of … [Read more...]

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