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Alexandria Crow is interested in the specificity and depth of your practice. She is interested in the questions of what motivates and directs your yoga practice, both as a teacher or as a student.

Every body is different. Every mind is different. There are so many diverse styles of classes these days. What each person needs in order to learn the concepts presented in yoga is unique. Come spend a weekend with Alexandria Crow taking all these seeming differences of body, mind, and style of class and work to create a classroom experience that is deeply personal and individually effective.

Sessions will include practice, lecture on the topic, mechanics/anatomy of the body, and class planning worksheets and tools. Classes are appropriate for both curious yoga students and teachers.

FRIDAY 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Yoga – What Are You Aiming For?

Practice + Lecture In this workshop we will look at the history of yoga as it moved through time and cultures to examine what the practices were aiming to teach and how. We will discuss what it is we’re aiming to teach our students today, where those concepts came from historically, and what methods we are currently using. How do you teach and access these concepts currently in the style of classes you teach or take? How do we bring the intention and outcome closer together? How do we allow our students to access that information more readily?

SATURDAY SESSION ONE 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Stability, Mobility, Range of Motion & Asana

Applied Anatomical Concepts For Asana Teachers and Practitioners How do bodies move? In this lecture focused workshop, learn about how muscles work, release and stabilize to move the body and hold it in position. We will debunk the concept of stretching and flexibility and rebuild those components in ways that are aligned with how the muscular and fascia systems work. Skeletal variations and differences will be discussed in order to set up postures in a way that is wise for each individual. We will look at poses through the lens of muscular activation, release, stability, and potential counter productive sensations, creating a sensory experience in class that invites each student to use the poses and movements as a tool for personal learning, exploration and skillful choice making.


Fire – Physically Demanding Hard Work With A Twist

Practice These are some of the most popular classes at this point in time, and yet some of the most difficult within which to achieve the outcome that a yoga practice intends philosophically. How do you get students to work hard, move, and do it with ethical integrity? This session will contain a power vinyasa practice that takes individuals and personal choice into account, allows for exploration and discovery, is physically demanding but also limits the risks and pitfalls in classes today. The expectations of students and teachers in relation to this class style will be discussed as well as alternatives that offer the same outcome without the problematic components.

SUNDAY 10:00-2:00 p.m.

Calm – Quieting the Noisy Body/Mind Loop

Yin/Therapeutics We will explore how the nervous system affects the body, its range of motion, and the mind in the yin and restorative practice. A yin practice will be followed by a deconstruction and reconstruction of common postures within these styles in an effort to have them function more effectively and to lessen injury and/or calm a heightened nervous system. We will explore the joint’s range of motion in relation to poses, and find ways to create postures that fall within the functional range in an effort to create a sustainable and calming class outcome.


Purposeful Creativity – Class Planning Laboratory

Practice + Lecture Class planning can be difficult, daunting and monotonous. In this session participants will learn how to create class plans that turn classes into a personal laboratory that is inclusive, invites inquiry, and creates a safe place for explorationAlexandria will share class planning tools designed to give students a personal experience in a group setting so that they learn to approach our teachings in a way that is skillful and wise for them. Participants will then be led through the class that was created in an effort to experience the concepts presented and developed.

Class planning worksheets will be provided for use during and after class. 

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