Adventure Within

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For Yoga Pearl’s fourth annual Adventure Within retreat, Jordan will offer his guidance in the serene location of Xinalani, Mexico! Immerse yourselves within the blue and green beauty that this location offers, while relishing in the distance from everyday life. The jungle and sandy beaches of Mexico promise opportunities to heighten the awareness of your inner satya (truth) and give you time to feel the ecstatic joys of life’s abundance. Jordan’s balanced Yin and Yang guidance will invite you to strengthen your asana and pranayama practice, and the peaceful atmosphere of Xinalani will allow you to restore within its oasis. Together, we will explore the qualities of our body and mind, while immersing ourselves in the allure of visual and auditory sensation. 
Jordan shares his love for yoga with his students in every practice he guides and encourages insight of self as well as the vast potential in each individual. He facilitates a guide that is breath centered and alignment based with woven philosophical content. While his guidance is disciplined with the many facets of an eight limbed path, he understands the desire to laugh and play alongside his students, and seeks to offer a safe space to cultivate such opportunities. Our true nature thrives in community, and Jordan’s priority is offering that space to explore personal inner landscaping without judgement, giving us the strength to support ourselves and those we share our life with. 
Jordan is a 200 E-RYT and 500 RYT and honors Rocky Heron and Noah Mazé for their guidance in anatomy of yoga and Jivani Yoga for providing the community and space to study yin yoga therapeutics and pranayama in Thailand.
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