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Located at 925 NW Davis, Yoga Pearl is dedicated to providing a space of education and exploration for our community. Here you can find classes of many styles, from prenatal and yin to deeply challenging Power Vinyasa classes. Our teachers are experts in their field and we ask them to teach only what is connected to the truth and passion of their own practice.

We believe wellness is a convergence of our work on and off the mat. We are honored to share our space with wellness practitioners of many disciplines and Prasad, a nourishing health food cafe.

It is Yoga Pearl’s intention to provide a space for individuals at any place in their path to explore the impact that movement and breath can have on personal growth, inner and outer strength, and the deep work of self-love. We believe that the tools our colleagues share within these walls are medicine for a greater existence.

We hope you’ll join us in our practice.

  • Be the support and strength youve been looking for You
    2 days ago by yogapearl Be the support and strength you've been looking for. You have the ability to support yourself through your own physical, mental, and emotional strengths. Often we forget to look within ourselves for the support we need. Photo by:  @karenpride 
  • Meet Pam Blair you might have practiced with or beside
    4 days ago by yogapearl Meet Pam Blair, you might have practiced with or beside her at the studio. She has been apart of the Yoga Pearl community for years. Pam teaches Hatha on Tuesday's from 5-6:15PM and today she is teaching Yin from 4-5:15pm, not her usual class! . Pam’s teaching style embraces versatility; she regularly teaches a variety of styles of yoga. Approaching each class like a work of art, she incorporates creativity, challenge, inspiration, playfulness and structural integrity. “Versatility keeps me fresh and challenged. I encourage my students to explore their own universe through an attentive practice both on and off the
  • It is through gratitude for the present moment that the
    6 days ago by yogapearl "It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up."  @eckharttolle  . . Be present. Be thankful. . Wednesday's catch Margo at the studio for Power Vinyass 6:30-8!
  • ATTENTION A message from Gregory gregoryjamiel  This Wednesday August
    1 week ago by yogapearl :ATTENTION: A message from Gregory  @gregoryjamiel  . This Wednesday, August 1st from 9:30-11am, will be my last class at Yoga Pearl. My heart is leading me North to Carnation, WA (just East of Seattle). After 11 years of living in Portland, it was a hard decision to make, but in the end the courage to follow my dreams into that scary ocean of the unknown far outweighs the limiting growth the safe shores of my comfort zone offer. I will be teaching at my best friend's studio, Two Rivers Yoga, in Carnation and continuing to manifest my dream of getting
  • We still have a couple 12x18 Peace Prints available at
    1 week ago by yogapearl We still have a couple 12"x18" Peace Prints available at the studio! Each print is $65 and all proceeds are donated to the ACLU. Stop by the studio and pick one up today. .  @jamiestreetphoto  “After the devistating results of the 2016 election, I was fortunate enough to have these amazing 35 women answer my call for help and meet me one early and chilly morning to come together to make this image. It has since sold over 500 copies, and the profits from every last sale has been donated to the ACLU.”
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