Consciously Setting Intention

Consciously Setting Intention with Caverly Morgan

by: Sondra Bloxam

Awareness is indeed a practice in and of itself. We breath in awareness throughout asana classes, when we are standing in a long line for coffee, on our commute to and from the many places we travel each day. But how much time do we really focus on those qualities that calm the mind; awareness, intention, balance, compassion, consciousness? We recently had the beautiful opportunity of exploring these qualities and more at a Zen Buddhist Meditation with One House of Peace founder Caverly Morgan.

Let’s simply say that with a bolster, blanket, and a wall- so much can happen! Caverly led us through chakra balancing exercise followed by a peaceful meditation in which we counted breaths to harness presence. It was truly an amazing experience.

Caverly Morgan has been devoted to Zen Awareness Practice for the last seventeen years, during eight of which she lived and trained at a silent Zen Monastery. Her offerings are so wonderful that we had to bring her to our community to share some teachings.

To set foundation for the New Year, Caverly will host a special 2-part workshop at Yoga Pearl, “Consciously Setting Intention in the New Year” on January 11th-12th from 1:30pm-5:30pm. In these workshops we will spend time honoring what we’ve created in the past, letting go and wiping the slate clean. A specific meditation/chant will be offered that balances the energetic system and opens us to a new world full of possibility – a world that is available to you through the practice of consciousness. Join us for this amazing opportunity to devote time to yourself and cultivate the qualities that will serve you the most.

To Register for the Consciously Setting Intention workshops click HERE.

For more on Caverly click HERE.

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