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Celebrating Yoga for Youth this Holiday Season with The Flawless Foundation

By Sondra Bloxam As dedicated yogis, through practice we are able to cultivate the qualities that serve us the most. These qualities might be compassion, peace, kindness, gratitude; all of which extend into our community to uplift and honor others. This holiday season we are dedicated to uplifting the Flawless Foundation and honoring the youth they serve. The Flawless Foundation takes a stand for children living with brain-based, behavioral challenges by promoting educated awareness about … [Read more...]

Consciously Setting Intention

Consciously Setting Intention with Caverly Morgan by: Sondra Bloxam Awareness is indeed a practice in and of itself. We breath in awareness throughout asana classes, when we are standing in a long line for coffee, on our commute to and from the many places we travel each day. But how much time do we really focus on those qualities that calm the mind; awareness, intention, balance, compassion, consciousness? We recently had the beautiful opportunity of exploring these qualities and more at … [Read more...]

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