The Art of Creating

There is so much to be said about yoga as a form of art. The beauty that we uncover in self-discovery through practice is similar to the process an artist goes through in the way they craft.  To explore this a little more we recently chatted up designer of Tied Up and Tousled, Kate Rutter, on the energy and intention behind the beautiful hand-crafted radiating jewelry that she creates.

What goes through your mind when you are creating?

When I’m making pieces I let the materials dictate what is made. I seek materials and play with them and it comes out when it is supposed to come out. The flow is just a flow- a cycle of research, collect, and create. Just lots and lots of playing until it feels right. There is a pulse with vibration and spirit in the materials. By making jewelry I am more aware of spirit that is in everything.

Your mantra is Jewelry for the Wild Heart and Free Spirit, where did that come from?

I used to think that I had to make things for a certain audience. Now I just make what I love, for the girl who is just walking through the forest.. 

In yoga everything that we do starts with foundation. What stones do you work with that are best for grounding?

Selenite- it’s like the sage of stones. It has a really high vibration and is often called Liquid Light. I’m also really into using doTERRA essential oils infused in lava stones. It holds the scent really well over time and you can just keep adding more as you need to. I love using Rosemary.

The mission of Tied Up and Tousled is to give every girl a piece that defines her personal style, instills confidence, and makes her feel as special as the jewels she wears. Check out some of the beautiful T&T items available at our front desk. You can also follow the musings of Kate and her team on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.

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