Yogathon 2013 Kick-Off at Yoga Pearl!

“I truly believe that the peace process begins on the inside and that as one person changes, the world changes. That’s why I am so honored to be part of this amazing community of yogis who are making the 4th Annual Yogathon a reality. So much hard work, collaboration, and love has been put into this event. It’s powerful to see people from the yoga community come together to deepen their own practice with the larger intention of sharing the gifts of practice with youth and adults in prison and in alcohol and drug treatment centers. Much gratitude to all who are participating in the 2013 Yogathon to bring hope, healing and love to those who are facing some of the most challenging moments of their lives.”

– Michael Faith, Executive Director of Living Yoga

It’s just 3 days until the Yogathon Kick-Off and the community is buzzing with yoga service ambassadors. We are so excited to host this year’s kick-off; bringing together the intentions of many for a 6-week practice challenge sure to engage the masses and support Living Yoga.

At the event we will have 3 of Yoga Pearl’s rock star teachers guide students though a practice, setting the stage for this year’s Yogathon. Here’s what they had to say about participating in this movement of yoga outreach: 

Emily: It is a rewarding experience for me to be involved with Living Yoga and I truly believe in the transformational effect that practicing yoga brings. All funds raised in the Yogathon go toward LY’s programs that bring yoga to populations who would otherwise not have access.  When you really consider how each life can be touched by these programs and how that effect ripples out into society, it is hard to not get involved.  The benefits come full circle in the end, joining our community with the physical and mental skills and positive effect that comes from the practice of yoga.

Seth: This is my first opportunity to volunteer and contribute to Living Yoga’s mission.  Anyone taking the time to read this already has benefited from the deeply transformative power of a personal practice.  Everyone deserves yoga; everyone deserves to discover a union with their highest self. I am so grateful to be part of an endeavor that brings yoga to those that may have difficulty finding it on their own and to participate in the endless ripple effect caused by one small drop of intentional, conscious love offered to someone during a time of need.

Angelina: I have felt in my own body and seen it amongst my students for the past twelve years, the impact that yoga can have on one’s body, psyche and decision-making skills. I feel it is my duty, but also one of my life’s greatest blessings to be able to share yoga with those that wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. Living Yoga at its core provides an opportunity for those who need it most to connect to their innate goodness, to feel connected to themselves and to become empowered.

This is truly a movement that reminds us of the deeper meaning within practice, Seva. 

“Through Yogathon we can commit and deepen our practice; to experience the power of practice. This is an opportunity to receive the liberation of practice and have more empowerment in life to begin again.” – Michael Faith

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