Sound Series: Transforming Your Practice, Building Our Community

Each time we gather to practice yoga there is something new to be discovered. The culture of
yoga both challenges and helps us to cultivate the qualities in ourselves that are most beneficial.
Often times, we uncover these qualities from weaving music into practice.

To cultivate the connection of music and yoga and grow our time together as a Yoga Pearl
family, we will be starting a Sound Series this month to open your heart and engage your soul.

There will be 3 special workshops in our Sound Series, each tailored to create a wonderfully
unique practice:

Friday, February 22nd: Nikki Weaver with Aaron Altemose
Friday, March 15th: Lauren Danner with The Sale
Friday, May 17th: Seth Hutton with Hurqalya

We asked our Sound Series teachers what the intention is behind music in their classes:

Nikki: “Music opens the soul, it speaks the language that words do not. For me, music brings up
stored emotions and allows me to connect to the practice on a deeper level.”

Lauren: “Music can touch the part of your soul that you might hide from your asana practice. At
times music can enhance the practice, sometimes it can take away. I feel that in this sound series
my intention behind the music is to use it as an aid to ground us while connecting us passionately
to vibration and movement.”

Seth: ?At Yoga Pearl, vinyasa, or movement based yoga, has always been a central
element. Throughout history all forms of human movement in every culture have been initiated
and ignited with sound and rhythm. The musicians that I will be working with have a deep
connection to soulful percussion and experience with improvisation. My intention is to have a
very spirited practice driven by the interplay of the natural flow of a vinyasa class matched with
talented musicians who can, on the spot, create an exciting and motivating atmosphere and also
shift into calming and relaxed rhythms.”

We are so looking forward to seeing you at the Sound Series this month! Register early to save,
and hang out with us after for a complimentary drink. This is going to be amazing!

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