Is Yoga Contagious?

During January, 2012, one of our most versatile teachers Pam Blair, is offering a 4-week workshops series entitled Back to Basics. This series explores the fundamentals of yoga in a way that empower beginners to move into a regular yoga practice with confidence. More experienced students will also benefit from the series, by taking the chance to review the basics of breathing, posture, and movement. You may even find Pam’s enthusiasm for yoga contagious!

Pam shares this story of her beginner-student days:

I was raised in a conservative Catholic family in a small town south of Pittsburgh, PA. My profile was that of an athletic, artistic, academic high achiever who did everything at full tilt. Endorphins have always been my drug of choice. I had zero knowledge of alternative medicine, Eastern philosophy, the psychic arts, etc. Despite all of this, like a dog finding a bone in a field, I landed in the only yoga class offered in Pittsburgh at the time. I felt awkward, self-conscious, weak and out of place but became hooked immediately. I returned with vigor… of course I had caught what I now call the “yogabug.”

Yoga is infectious. If you are meant to do it, it gets under your skin even if you try to get away from it. I was clearly intrigued by the physical challenge of asana but I believe what kept me coming back was how I felt after class. That “yoga bubble” combination of being de-stressed, relaxed with a heightened sense of awareness while being physically satisfied was addictive to me. There was something there that I wanted to know more about.

Shortly thereafter my journey took me to Santa Fe, NM where I met my spiritual teacher and became a student of Surat Shabda Yoga. I’ve been on this path for over 12 years now and don’t see an end to it, thankfully. I feel blessed to have tapped into the esoteric, spiritual element of yoga early on in my journey and actually took a break from asana for about 5 years. When I returned to asana, the emphasis of my yoga was grounded in the spiritual which transformed my asana practice to something beyond description. It is a creative, transformative, moving contemplation for me. A place where I explore my edge, feel safe to be who I am and tap into a playful joy that inspires me. Sharing this gift of yoga gives me energy. As with other disciplines, the best way to learn it is to teach it.

The longer I practice yoga, the simpler my practice becomes. I recognize that there is a reason why yogis have practiced the same asana over thousands of year… because it works. I’ll find great depth in one pose and linger in it longer than I ever have before. My yoga practice is like medicine to me; essential and life-giving, and full of abundance and vitality. My profile is still the same, but I am a different person thanks to yoga.

Back to Basics: An Exploration of the Fundamentals of Yoga with Pam Blair
Sundays, January 8, 15, 22 & 29
$25 advance (by 12/31) / $30 drop-in
Series price in advance: $95

*Please note: If you are new to Yoga Pearl and this will be your first visit, please call to register. After your first visit, you will be able to use online registration.

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