12 on 12 = 75,000 Thank Yous

One of Yoga Pearl’s long time students, Janine Francolini, runs a nonprofit called Flawless Foundation which benefits children with mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges in the Portland metro area and country-wide. In the current generation of kids today, one in five will be diagnosed with autism or some other psychiatric disorder. Flawless Foundation provides holistic healing programs that allows children at risk to thrive and flourish—services that include, yoga, gardening and a therapy called Collaborative Problem Solving. Check out this video for more information about the kind of work Flawless does:

Flawless Trailer from Janine Francolini on Vimeo.

12 in 12
Flawless Foundation is running an event now called 12 in 12, encouraging people to donate just $12 in 2012. Currently, there is a matching funds pledge in place which will turn $25,000 of donations into $75,000… IF they can raise $3000 more in contributions before January 15th.

Join Yoga Pearl in supporting a member of our own community, as well as hundreds of local kids who are working with unique challenges as they navigate selfhood.

On January 12, please consider making a donation to Flawless. Yoga Pearl will be collecting checks at the front desk, or you can make a donation online via the website.

**All proceeds from our support at Yoga Peal will benefit the therapeutic yoga programs that Flawless funds in the local metro area.

“Flawless takes a stand for more humane, compassionate care for children and adolescents who live with mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges. We bring youth back to the earth, back to their bodies and heal them through love by seeing the perfection in every child.”
From the Flawless Foundation website

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