Unwind Your Spine: Back Care with Djuna Mascall

Prajna Yoga returns to Portland this weekend with one of it’s senior instructors, Djuna Mascall. Djuna hails from Orcas Island and has traveled to teach and to assist Tias Little at various workshops and trainings, internationally. This coming weekend’s sessions are therapeutic in nature, and anyone wanting to improve their overall spinal health, flexibility and comfort in their bodies is welcome to attend: beginners will be warmly welcomed, and advanced students will be challenged through more subtle awareness exercises.

Here’s a brief description of the work Djuna will be presenting:

In the “Unwind Your Spine” session, we point to a few possible muscular imbalances that could cause low back discomfort and work with movements and postures to mitigate them. For example, the feet are our foundation in standing, walking, and running. If the arches of the feet have collapsed the entire structure can misalign. Lifting the arches of the feet is a key component to relieving patterns of strain along the spine. Similarly, if the hamstrings are tight on one leg, it can pull that side of the pelvis downward, creating a habitual side bend in the lumbar spine… To correct this we practice several rocking and gliding movements performed supine to hydrate and release the lumbar area. These movements included arching and lengthening the lumbar and cervical curves, gentle repetitive twisting actions, and movements designed to release the outer hip and lateral leg areas, which can also be a culprit in lumbar discomfort.

To read more about this approach in Djuna’s words, visit her blog, yogapracticeandreflection.com

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