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Lightening Up With Daniel Flynn

Taking care of ourselves is hard work sometimes, but it needn't be so serious! Spending a few minutes a day breathing deeply and enjoying the goodness of life can go a really long way to feeling healthy, happy, and harmonious. Daniel Flynn, who teachers the Sunday night Vinyasa class, offers this playful Lion's Breath lesson. If you haven't yet had a chance to drop in to one of Daniel Flynn's vinyasa classes, here's a micro-lesson to help you lighten up off the mat, any time you need it! … [Read more...]

Unwind Your Spine: Back Care with Djuna Mascall

Prajna Yoga returns to Portland this weekend with one of it's senior instructors, Djuna Mascall. Djuna hails from Orcas Island and has traveled to teach and to assist Tias Little at various workshops and trainings, internationally. This coming weekend's sessions are therapeutic in nature, and anyone wanting to improve their overall spinal health, flexibility and comfort in their bodies is welcome to attend: beginners will be warmly welcomed, and advanced students will be challenged through more … [Read more...]

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