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Prasad’s Karen Pride Comes Clean About Cleansing

As the owner of a health food cafe I get asked quite often about why I chose to open Prasad, how I became interested in health food and what my personal diet is like. A common and reasonable assumption is that I adhere to a vegan or raw diet and want to provide vegan food for others. While there was a time in my life when I was a strict vegan, believing that everybody should eat the same way as I did, my philosophy has evolved greatly over the years, expanding while simultaneously simplifying. … [Read more...]

Meet Alex: The Face Behind Figure and Form

You've seen her at the front desk, smiling broadly, her mellow countenance radiating ease. If you are an early bird and attend Jason's Mysore Ashtanga classes in the morning, you know her through her dedicated yoga practice. What many people don't know about Alexandra Becker Black is her fantastic talent as a fine artist with a passion for the human form. Alex has developed a large body of work that shows the beauty of the human form in asana. Obsessed with the human form since childhood, one … [Read more...]

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